Here at The Global Graduate Project, we know that being an undergraduate or a graduate is not always easy. Money can be a bit tight, finding a job isn’t as simple as people tell you (unless you know us of course), and plenty of your friends are doing jobs just to get by. We want to help. We also want you to help us.

If you know of any friends, family, acquaintances, that fella from the bar or that lady from the restaurant, who have a BA degree in any subject and want to get paid a really good salary whilst travelling and living abroad, maybe learning a new language and definitely making themselves more knowledgeable and more employable – then please refer them to us. We will give you $75 for each person who joins our mission and goes abroad to teach. Just contact us here.

Oh, and by the way, there’s no limit to how many people you can refer. Of course, should you yourself want to go (we hope that’s why you’re here), you can apply with a friend or partner!

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