10 Reasons Why YOU Should Teach, Travel And Live Abroad

10 Reasons Why YOU Should Teach, Travel And Live Abroad

Teaching English As A Second Language (ESOL or ESL) might seem like a fairly simple role at first, but dig a little deeper, then add China to the mix, and there’s much more than meets the eye…

It will almost certainly be the experience of a lifetime for one thing and what starts as a job will certainly turn into much, much, more: connections, cash, changing your life!

So, specifically speaking, what are the ten things The Global Graduate Project (GGP)can give you by living, working and travelling abroad?


A pretty tidy salary

Let’s face it: there’s always space for more when it comes to your salary. The reality is that the pay for a graduate teacher in a country like China is better than most of the jobs that you can get in your own country. This in itself is a great advantage of working with The Global Graduate Project, before even considering the rest.


A new language

To learn a new language is extremely beneficial no matter what career you plan to pursue in the future. The easiest way to do so is of course to actually livein a country that speaksthat language; it won’t take long before you’re able to understand simple conversations without even trying. Imagine too, the power of saying “I speak Mandarin and lived in China” on your CV/Resume?


You get to travel to amazing places

China is an incredible destination and you have the chance to see unique places that not many of your peers will ever get the chance to see, hear and touch. Why not enrichen your life with such wonderful memories? South-East Asia is on your doorstep too, why not travel to Bali, Thailand, Cambodia, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore – just to name a few! You will have several weeks holiday each year, some of our GGP roles give you more than two months off per year…


It’s basically a paid gap year

Which gets us to the next point: You are not sure what to do next and you need a year to get your life, thoughts and feelings in order? Well, consider this the perfect occasion to take a break from your regular life and to get a new perspective on life. Plus, you also get paid, which means you won’t need to save money for this global experience! Oh, and the contract is only year, it will fly by and the worst thing that can happen is that have an amazing experience and return home after 12 months.


It looks amazing on your CV

No matter what you decide to do next, a year teaching abroad with The Global Graduate Project will look fantastic on your CV. It will show any employer that you are an adventurous person with foreign experience, language skills and an interest in other cultures and societies. You’ll also be far more employable than your peers!


Pay off your student debt with ease

Student debt is a burden on any graduate, and it can take a while before you pay it off. However, with a good graduate teaching job outside the country, you’ll be able to make money in a very short time. For your reference, China is up to 50% cheaper than many Western countries! You’ll save money, have money to travel and remove the weight of student debt on your shoulders as you start or continue your career.


Make friends for life

Friendship is priceless, and this experience via The Global Graduate Project can introduce you to lifelong friends. In the end, you’ll share much more than the norm: a new country, a new culture, global challenges and victories as well as professional experience for starters!


Influence otherpeople’s lives

As a global graduate teacher, you have the chance to change your student’s life. If you do your job right and you share more than just knowledge, you share wisdom, you can become a precious memory in the mind of your students in China.


You can define your personality

When you go to a place like China to teach, you have to face many challenges that you would not even know about in your country. This will definitely help you define your personality and shape who you are, as well as develop unique skills and qualities.

Teach for life?

As the old saying goes: “In life, we regret the things we didn’t do more than the things we did”; perhaps teaching for a year will give you the passion and desire to make it your full-time job. Maybe you’ll stay with GGP for more than a year, maybe you’ll go home and teach, maybe you’ll never teach again. Whatever your decision though, what have you got to lose? This is a NO BRAINER. Teach or don’t teach, you’re going to be far more employable (in any profession) than those that don’t take or have this opportunity.


It all sounds amazing, right? Because it is! Take this opportunity to be different and do more than “average”. Trust your abilities and keep your heart open to new adventures.

We guarantee this is an experience you will never forget and will benefit you forever.


Lori and The Global Graduate Project Team

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